Saturday, January 8, 2011

Logan's First Haircut

Logan not only turned 2 today, he also got his very first haircut. Cutting those beautiful curls was his transition from toddler to little boy. Teddy took Logan to the same Barber Shop his Dad used to take him to as a little boy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baking for "Heart~Day"

Larissa has been looking forward to "Heart~Day" (Valentine's Day) for the past few weeks. She knows Aunt Christy, Uncle Shadd, & her cousins will be arriving soon to Celebrate "Heart~Day" with her. So to prepare for this special day Larissa made Valentine's Day cards (Dora the Explorer) & baked cupcakes for everyone to enjoy... she loved every minute of the cupcake process: from licking the batter to eating the icing & sprinkles & even watching the cupcakes rise in the oven. Once the cupcakes were baked & cooled she added Strawberry Icing & red sprinkles... for the finishing touch she placed butterfinger & Crunch heart-shaped chocolates on each cupcake... Bon appetit!